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SMX Wowshopper Don Asesino

Don Asesino 28"-29" Fire Burned with Skin - Classic Original Horizontal Stripes

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These are top quality Kali sticks! Professional Model. Original. Classic. With Skin.

Sold in Singles, Pairs of Two and Bulk. Don Asesino Fireburned Classic Escrima Sticks. These are streetwise eskrima sticks designed for practice and training. Light and strong. The look is unique and unassuming. Slightly burnt, varnished, and Lacquered. Skin is left on for added strength, feel and classic originality.

Select from either the Don Asesino Classic Original or the Original with Fire Markings. Both are great choices. The Original Classic is slightly longer, thicker and stronger.

The overall appearance is classic and street. You can tell its for serious martial artists and not for the weekend posers.

Designed for the classroom, training, sparring and tournament use.

Don't be fooled by the immitators. Buy the original Don Asesino Kali Sticks.

Following the tradition of classic Filipino Martial Arts, these kali sticks will be a great addition to any serious Filipino Martial Artist or Stick Fighter. Recommended for Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Wing Chun, Stick fighting and general martial arts training.

Each stick is an original. Imported from the Philippines and approved for your training. Hand Made. Natural. Made by Mother Nature. Non-Human Engineered.

Available in singles, pairs and bulk. Availability is limited so order your pair quick!

*Specifications: Weight 5.2oz (approx). Length approx 29". Width Approximately 1" in diameter.

* Weight, width and length may vary depending on selection and seasonality of bamboo trees. Weight may vary from 5.1 to 5.3oz, length may vary from 28" to 29". Width may vary from .75" to 1" in Diameter. Each stick is unique and hand made. Small imperfections and cracks are normal in the skin of these Kali sticks.

 *NOTE: The staff color shade may vary from staff to staff . Some maybe darker or lighter colored